Say No to Cultural Appropriation Campaign

KYF's Say No to Cultural Appropriation Campaign Posters_Page_1The Kahnawà:ke Youth Forum (KYF) would like to announce the launch of the “Say No to Cultural Appropriation” sticker campaign.

With Halloween just around the corner, the KYF felt that it is important to raise awareness of the issues with misappropriating First Nations cultures. When Canadians & Americans only know us as fictionalized stereotypes from Halloween costumes, they stop thinking of us as real people, which has dangerous consequencesKYF's Say No to Cultural Appropriation Campaign Posters_Page_2 to our right to define our own identities and it contributes to the ongoing social, economic and political oppression that we face.

The campaign is designed not only to take a stance against cultural misappropriation, but also to provide action on what youth can actually do about it. Youth who receive stickers are asked to participate by posting pictures of where they put their stickers on social media with the hashtag “#KYFdecolonize.” Those interested in acquiring stickers can contact the KYF though Twitter, Facebook or by emailing us at

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