Scavenger Hunt List

KYF Cultural Awareness Month Events

The List

*Indicates that you may print a picture from the Internet.
Red indicates items that are perceived as offensive.
Yellow indicates items that are to be used with discretion.
Green indicates celebrating our culture, awesome Native swag or supporting Indigenous designers.

  1. An example of misappropating First Nations culture in the sports industry
  2. An example of misappropating First Nations culture in the fashion industry
  3. A celebrity dressed in Redface*
  4. An example of misappropating First Nations culture in the music industry
  5. An example of cultural misappropriation of another culture
  6. Misappropriating First Nations culture in marketing (advertising, packaging, etc.)
  7. An image of a hyper sexualized Indigenous woman*
  8. Land O’ Lakes butter
  9. A stereotype of Indigenous men
  10. A stereotype of Indigenous women
  11. An example of white privilege*
  12. An item of clothing that has a “tribal” pattern or headdress on it that costs more than $100 – non-native made.
  13. Posing with someone wearing a Native Halloween costume
  14. A racist/stereotyped Native character in a movie or TV show or comic book*
  15. Fake eagle feathers
  16. a non-native person wearing a headdress or war bonnet
  17. Redskins gear
  18. Cleveland Indians gear
  19. “Tomahawks”
  20. A non-native dressed with war paint*
  21. Someone with a tattoo of non-native woman in war paint, headdress or war bonnet
  22. A bag of Yum Yum chips with their “Little Indian” logo
  23. Skull and a headdress on an item of clothing
  24. The Lone Ranger merchandize
  25. Pocahontas merchandize
  26. Peter Pan on VHS
  27. A picture of a headdress being sold in a store
  28. A picture of a sports fan wearing or mocking an “Indian” mascot*
  29. A photo a political cartoon that contains an indigenous stereotype.
  30. A picture of a sign that stereotypes indigenous people
  31. A non-Native actor playing a Native role in a movie or television show*
  32. A picture of an Indigenous stereotype in a comic book
  33. An Internet meme that mocks Indigenous people*
  34. A photo of people partying in redface*
  35. A picture or screen cap of an excuse for cultural appropriation*
  36. A selfie in tribal leggings
  37. An item of clothing with a headdress on it less than $100.
  38. Toy bow and arrow
  39.  “Native arts & crafts” or DIY kits sold at craft stores
  40. A photo of you in front of tourist gift shop that sells indigenous inspired stuff
  41. Cheap dyed feathers
  42. Cheap knock-off Native-inspired jewelry
  43. A t-shirt with a dream catcher on it from a non-Native store
  44. Knock-off moccasins (ie, from Forever 21, Minnetonka moccs etc.)
  45. T-shirt with bear, wolves or both on it
  46. Person with a tattoo of a dream catcher
  47. Clothing with generic motifs like triangles, repeating bands of squares
  48. Clothing with leather fringe
  49. A painting of Native people with wolves
  50. Photo with a native statue
  51. A female celebrity with a dream catcher tattoo*
  52. A celebrity with a native-themed tattoo*
  53. A picture of Miley Cyrus’ teepee*
  54. A picture of a KYF Cultural Appropriation sticker
  55. A picture with one of the four KYF Executive members (Jessica Deer, Megan Whyte, Vernon Goodleaf or Kawennehere Jacobs)
  56. An Internet meme that supports Indigenous people*
  57. A picture of at least 3 flags from different First Nations Métis, or Inuit nations
  58. A book written by an Indigenous author
  59. A picture at A Tribe Called Red show
  60. A celebrity who apologized for misappropriating First Nations’ culture*
  61. Quillwork
  62. Genuine Turquoise jewelry
  63. Wampum
  64. A “Decolonize Media” sticker
  65. Moccasins made by someone from Kahnawake
  66. Item of clothing from an Indigenous designer
  67. A fashion accessory from an Indigenous designer
  68. A picture of you In front of KORLCC with a staff member
  69. Wearing beaded sunglasses from Cree/Metis artist Candace Halcro
  70. Raised beading
  71. A tie from Tammy Beauvais Designs
  72. Sioux style moccasins
  73. Iroquois style moccasins
  74. A portrait from project 562*
  75. A picture of sage, tobacco, sweet grass and cedar
  76. A picture of an artwork about sky woman or the creation story
  77. A picture with someone who makes pottery in the Iroquois style with an Iroquois pot.
  78. A picture of a child bead working or basket making.
  79. A picture of a chapter title on indigenous people in a text book
  80. A picture of a Haida design
  81. A picture with at least three (or more) types of Iroquois corn
  82. A picture of a traditional wooden lacrosse stick
  83. A picture with someone going through Rites of Passage in Akwesasne
  84. A picture of you with a basket made by (or helped by) Richard Nolan
  85. A picture of bead work in progress
  86. A picture of you wearing genuine mukluks
  87. A picture of yourself in a ribbon shirt or dress
  88. A print from the printmaking workshop
  89. A picture of a tattoo drawn by an Indigenous artist
  90. A picture of book written in an Indigenous language
  91. A picture of a type of baby carrier from three different nations in Canada
  92. A picture of an indigenous artist whose artwork was/is displayed at a museum.
  93. A picture of proud Indigenous youth
  94. An item of clothing designed by Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Northern Cheyenne)
  95. Kahstowa
  96. Turkey feathers
  97. Someone wearing a “Got Land, Thank an Indian” hoodie
  98. With an Indigenous artist
  99. With an Indigenous musician
  100. Native American appeal from Alnao Edzerza (Tahltan)

Our scavenger list is inspired by this awesome Reddit post “Native Fashion 101: Not Doing it Wrong, at least.”


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